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Social Sentinel provides a comprehensive view of your schools’ safety and wellness climate as told through the digital conversations occurring in and around it.

Social Sentinel, Inc. - An education digital partner dedicated to student safety and well-being.

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Our simple, integrated solution gives schools holistic awareness to help you get ahead of situations before they escalate, and get students the support they need. Click a product below to learn more.

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Social Sentinel Platform

A total safety platform powered by proven machine learning and artificial intelligence logic.

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Social Media Scanning

Help keep students safer by respectfully accessing public digital conversations where they happen.

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Email Integration

Expand your awareness of safety and wellness climate insights occurring over your school-sanctioned email client.

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Give everyone a safe and simple way to speak up and share the good, the bad, and the sad anonymously.

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Social Sentinel shuts out the noise so you can hear when your students need you.

Effortlessly Proactive.

Whether you’re reviewing insights on the desktop interface or researching an alert on your mobile device, Social Sentinel’s solution saves you time and makes being proactive as easy as possible.

Social Sentinel - A total safety platform
Social Sentinel Success

“Safety has always been a priority in our schools and district. Social Sentinel provides a service that strengthens and enhances our ability to maintain a safe environment for our students and staff.”

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Roger Brown

Deputy Superintendent & Chief Academic Officer | Humble ISD, TX

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We Handle the Hard Stuff

Our platform works tirelessly and automatically in the background to surface communications relevant to your community.

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Be where the conversations already happen without changing your daily routine.

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Churn through billions of data points across multiple digital communication channels without adding time to your day.

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We cut out the noise of irrelevant content, so you can focus on the conversations that matter to your safety and wellness climate.

Social Sentinel - A total education safety platform powered by proven machine learning and artificial intelligence logic.

Social Sentinel Dashboard: Your school climate in one view.

Manage Your Schools' Digital Safety & Wellness Climate with Social Sentinel.

We're dedicated to student safety, wellness, and success, as well as the communities who support them.