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Social Sentinel was founded on a passion for — and expertise in — school safety, as well as a deep understanding of technology. Combined with a keen appreciation for the unique aspects of human language, we’ve brought forth a needed solution for educational communities.

Social Sentinel works tirelessly in the background to discover then deliver those one-in-a-billion digital threats directed at your community.

Our Platform Makes the Difference

The same proprietary technology powers every Social Sentinel product. It effectively and quickly scans multiple data points from billions of online conversations to discover what is relevant to your school.

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Our subject matter experts study and methodically analyze concerning language to continually evolve our machine learning for accuracy.

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Our technology searches globally to make relevant, local connections within and beyond a geofence.

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Machine learning algorithms classify data into alerts (for immediate attention) and insights (for context). Together, they provide a broader understanding of your schools’ climate.

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Get valuable safety context from highlighted discussions and trends currently relevant to your schools’ community.

Social Sentinel shuts out the noise so you can hear when your students need you.

One View. Total Awareness.

Social Sentinel is a student and community wellness-focused solution that will help you understand the patterns in your community and identify where your attention is best focused. With our multiple-source/single platform login, you can easily stay on top of the activity and insights we deliver.

Image of One View. Total Awareness.

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Our platform works tirelessly and automatically in the background to surface communications relevant to your community.

See the whole story. Anytime.

Shared in context, our alerts, insights, discussions, and trending topics aggregate meaning while reducing the burden of analysis — delivering only the must-knows.

Get insights on the go.

Weekly and monthly performance summaries let you share your account’s activity with stakeholders and quickly notice trends over time.

Connected intelligence.

Individual dashboards for our social media scanning, integration with email, and ShareIt products help increase awareness of what’s happening outside the walls, as well as inside them.

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Social Sentinel Dashboard: Your schools' climate in one view.

Safer Together

Social Sentinel will help you understand the security and wellness patterns risks, and opportunities in your community and identify where your attention is best spent.

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Social Media Scanning

Help keep your students and faculty safer by respectfully accessing the digital conversations happening publicly on social media, and connect with the posts that matter most.

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Integration with Email

Expand your awareness around conversations that are happening within your school and identify safety and behavioral patterns, while respecting individual privacy.

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Image of Be Heard with Shareit™

Be Heard with Shareit™

Speaking up to share something can be overwhelming, regardless of whether it’s good or bad news. Give students, faculty, and staff a safe and simple way to share important information anonymously.

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Manage Your Schools' Digital Safety & Wellness Climate with Social Sentinel.

We're dedicated to student safety, wellness, and success, as well as the communities who support them.