Social Sentinel - Filtering out the digital noise to focus on what matters most.

Finding the Needle in the Digital Haystack

A staggering number of public social media conversations take place every day, some of which indicate harm. Finding them is a nearly impossible task for any safety team or individual. Our platform works tirelessly and automatically in the background to surface communications relevant to your community.

Be where the conversations are happening.

We put you where the digital conversations take place with a proactive solution that helps you identify potential threats hiding in public view.

Respectfully scan beyond the geofence.

Our proprietary technology identifies potential threats in and beyond a geofence while respecting the boundaries of privacy and free speech.

Content categorization for easy assessment.

Public posts with potentially harmful content are delivered as Alerts or Discussions for your team to assess.

Collaborate with a tap.

Instantly share alerts and discussions containing potentially threatening content with safety stakeholders.

Social Media Scanning with Social Sentinel

Social Media Scanning: Be where your students are.

Social Media and Student Safety

9 out of 10 teens age 13-17 use social media platforms, and most (71%) use more than one.

Source: PEW Research

Social Sentinel shuts out the noise so you can hear when your students need you.

Direct Integrations with Social Media

Social Sentinel is a student and community wellness-focused solution that will help you understand the patterns in your community and identify where your attention is best spent. With our multiple-source/single platform login, you can easily stay on top of the activity and insights Social Sentinel delivers.

Technology Focused on Educational Safety

Our DNA is rooted, exclusively, in solving challenges faced by school safety and wellness climates. Social media scanning contributes to a multi-layered and comprehensive safety and security program. And you don’t have to do it alone. Dedicated, hands-on support ensures your account is configured to deliver the best results possible.

Social Sentinel Success

“Social media threat alert services that are culturally appropriate and context-specific have the power to prevent threats online from becoming real-world violent events.”

Image of Desmond U. Patton, Ph.D., MSW

Desmond U. Patton, Ph.D., MSW

Associate Professor / Columbia University School of Social Work Fellow / Berkman Klein Center / Harvard University

See Social Sentinel in action.

Safer Together

When combined with other Social Sentinel products, social media scanning gives you a holistic view of your school’s climate.

Image of Our Central Platform

Our Central Platform

Our platform works tirelessly and automatically in the background to surface communications relevant to your community.

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Image of Integration with Email

Integration with Email

Expand your awareness around conversations that are happening within your school and identify safety and behavioral patterns, while respecting individual privacy.

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Image of Be Heard with Shareit™

Be Heard with Shareit™

Speaking up to share something can be overwhelming, regardless of whether it’s good or bad news. Give students, faculty, and staff a safe and simple way to share important information anonymously.

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Manage Your Schools' Digital Safety & Wellness Climate with Social Sentinel.

We're dedicated to student safety, wellness, and success, as well as the communities who support them.