We are Social Sentinel

Since our founding, delivering solutions that improve public safety and wellness climates has been the driving force behind Social Sentinel. In that time, we pioneered technologies and products that continue to impact educational communities positively. We also created—and lead—a revolutionary new industry while keeping in stride with a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Image of Gary Margolis

Gary founded Social Sentinel to be an automated, easy-to-use, and powerful solution that respects our privacy rights while looking for opportunities to help prevent harm.

Our starting team developed a tool that went a giant step beyond traditional marketing-based social media monitoring services. It was purposely built to deliver awareness to school safety and security teams respectfully.

Today, our growing team consistently makes strides to increase data integration options to expand your awareness across multiple channels. 

With proven success in school districts, universities, and colleges across the country, we continue to invent new ways to protect educational communities.

We Are Technologists

A Unique Mission Supported by Unique Talent

Our team consists of spirited, caring, mission-focused talent — all of whom would give up their job in a heartbeat if it meant schools were finally safe for everyone. Join us.

Manage Your Schools' Digital Safety & Wellness Climate with Social Sentinel.

We're dedicated to student safety, wellness, and success, as well as the communities who support them.