U.S. Student Emotional Sentiment in Near-Real Time: Gauging Happiness, Fear, Harm, and Anger

Measuring the content of public social media messages each hour is one way to gauge students’ changing mood in near-real time. We’ve plotted that sentiment, comparing it to a baseline of norms. Roll over the timelines to see how sentiments change based on external events.

U.S. Student Sentiment

These aggregations are converted into an index value where 100 is the historical average for that emotion. Scores above 100 represent more intensity for that emotion, and scores below 100 represent less.

Select the amount of days in the chart.

Behind the Numbers

A sample of public social media posts authored by students was gathered by querying those who self-identify as students using acronyms in their profile (for example, CCHS or BHS ‘21). These posts are subjected to rigorous pre-processing to remove as many non-student accounts as possible.

Using proprietary and licensed lexicons, these social media posts are aggregated by day and scored for sentiment in four different ways, which correspond to four different emotions: Happiness, Harm, Fear, and Anger.*

Listed student sentiment topics are extracted using a proprietary clustering algorithm developed by Social Sentinel.

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